Handling External Variables on NT under Yellow Box

By Bill Bumgarner at Codefab, Inc.


The WIN32 requires a really brain dead set of declarations to export symbols out of a framework; you can't just use the ANSI standard "extern" keyword... worse, it requires that the variable declaration *change* depending on whether or not you are exporting the variables to the framework containing the variables OR to an external consumer.

Neat, huh?

How to fix:

- drop this file in "Supporting files" in your Framework project: FrameworkDefines.template

- add this target to the end of Makefile.postamble:

$(DERIVED_SRC_DIR)/FrameworkDefines.h: $(DERIVED_SRC_DIR) PB.project Makefile

$(SILENT) $(ECHO) Creating FrameworkDefines.h from template.

$(SILENT) sed 's/<FRAMEWORK_NAME>/$(NAME)/g' < FrameworkDefines.template > $(DERIVED_SRC_DIR)/FrameworkDefines.h

- set these defines [changing as appropriate] in Makefile.preamble... most of these variables are defined in Makefile.preamble, so you will have to modify pre-existing definitions:





Not exactly the most automated process in the world; we COULD modify Apple's makefiles and make all of the above become automatic-- but I'm hesitant to do so.... The OTHER_CFLAGS could definitely be automatically derived from the $(NAME) variable, but finding the right spot to stick it such that it is added to OTHER_CFLAGS AFTER NAME is defined is non-trivial.


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