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Objective Technologies Inc. (OTI) is an independent software vendor and consulting house specializing in object-oriented development of products, systems, and web-sites. OTI markets a full line of general-use software for use within NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP(R) environments. OTI also provides consulting, designing and implementing integrated object-oriented solutions to business problems using Apple's WebObjects and Yellow Box technologies.

The company was founded in 1990 by Eric Bergerson, president and Alex Cone. Messrs. Bergerson and Cone have led OTI through the development, release, marketing and sales of 11 shrink-wrapped products. In addition, they have managed and participated in the development and deployment of numerous systems, consulting for OTI's prestigous customers. Although these projects have been predominantly finance related, many have been in other markets as well. In both the consulting and product side of OTI, Messrs. Bergerson and Cone have been hands on managers, involved in every aspect of the projects from programming to sales.

Mr. Cone was President and a Managing Director of OTI from its founding until 1996. In 1998, Mr. Cone left OTI to become founder and President of Codefab, Inc. Located in the heart of NY's "Silicon Alley", Codefab is the premier consultant for WebObjects in the NeXT/Apple net community.

Mr. Bergerson was Vice President and a Managing Director of OTI from its founding until 1996, at which time he became president of the company. He remains the president of OTI, as well as a principal in new fast-growing start-up, LGS Systems, Inc.

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Objective Technologies Inc.
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