OTI Products

Objective Technologies is currently shipping seven general use products. Of the seven products, five are Objectware development tools and two are standard End-User applications.

End-User Applications

The End-User applications are SqlBuddy(TM) and Impress(TM)
A report generation application. It allows end users to create reports quickly and easily. It has been designed to satisfy the reporting requirements of larger systems. The Impress Client Object Interface provides simple integration into larger systems.
A front-end for Sybase(R). SqlBuddy allows all levels of database users to formulate SQL queries and access data from Sybase quickly and easily.


The Objectware products are designed to help commercial and in-house programmers develop general-purpose applications to run under NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP. The five products include four Interface Builder palettes and one object kit. The palettes were the first commercially available NEXTSTEP object palettes. These products are:
A text formatting and validation package.
Encapsulates selection list management functions.
Provides tools for graphing data in custom applications.
Provides tools to develop applications that use Mathematica(R)
Provides objects for managing and manipulating strings.
Select an item above to get a complete description of the product. Our Customer Profile describes some of the typical customer requirements that each product fulfills. The Price List maintains up to date domestic U.S. and international pricing for our products. The Demo page provides links to demonstration versions of our products.
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