SqlBuddy(TM) is an application that allows users to construct and execute database commands and view the results. SqlBuddy creates a friendly environment for working with relational databases.

The SqlBuddy application is an invaluable tool for all levels of database users, programmers and administrators. Users can browse through database servers, databases and tables and can retrieve the data they want. They can do all this without knowing the Structured Query Language (SQL) because with SqlBuddy, queries can be created with the easy to use point-and-click query construction of the Query Builder. With the Query Builder, users can select which databases, tables and columns they want in the query, set parameters for the query, specify relationships between the tables and sort the results. In addition, they can use any of the advanced SQL features such as grouping and computes.

Queries can be saved and retrieved from files either as standard SQL text or in Objective Technologies' Rich Query format. The Rich Query format extends the query description to include the relationships between all of the query's parts. SqlBuddy can save results from executed commands either as RTF files or as plain text. It can also create data files in a user defined format. To make it even easier, both Rich Query and SQL text files can be used interchangeably with Objective Technologies' OTProvide(TM) product which manages and inserts the results from queries into Lotus Improv(TM) worksheets.

But SqlBuddy isn't just for database users. Database programmers and administrators will really appreciate it because in addition to all the other features, they can browse the system tables and run any database command. To make it even more convenient, all database commands and (for the Sybase(R) database) all system stored procedures are available as templates from the menu. Frequently used queries and commands can even be easily saved to the menu.

SqlBuddy is seamlessly integrated into the NEXTSTEP®.; environment. It provides database access services through inter-process communication, making it simple to place rich-text query results in any document using NeXT's "Services" facility.

SqlBuddy works with the Sybase relational database package.

System Requirements

SqlBuddy runs under NEXTSTEP 3.3 for NeXT, Intel, HPPA, and Sparc.


$499 for a single user floating license.
All prices are U.S. prices only and are subject to change without notice.

Purchasing a single user floating license allows one user at a time to use SqlBuddy over a network. Educational institutions receive a 50% discount. Contact Objective Technologies Inc. for site license information.

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