SmartFieldPalette(TM) provides an easy-to-use replacement for NeXT's text field which supplies strong validation and formatting abilities. SmartFields automatically restrict input, format data, and report errors and changes. They also provide extensive validation of the application user's input with very little programming effort. SmartFields can dramatically reduce the time required to develop applications that require information to be a specific data type, format, or from a specific set of valid values. It is an object kit that every developer will find extremely useful.

SmartField Features

Input Restrictions

Input can be restricted to a specific data type including:

Field Formatting

Examples include:

Value Validation

Values entered into an OTSmartField can be validated using:

EOF Support

Examples include: The developer can dictate the behavior of the OTSmartField when an error is found, or when the contents of a field change. For example, bad input can be announced using alert panels and sounds and changes can be announced with visual alerts.

SmartFieldPalette was reviewed in the June/July 93' issue of NeXTWORLD. The palette was awarded a four cubes rating, and won the coveted "Best Of Breed" award for ObjectWare at NeXTWORLD Expo. The following is an excerpt from the review:

SmartFieldPalette is a NEXTSTEP TextField on steroids. The palette provides a powerful solution to the age-old problem of verifying user input in forms-driven applications. You can program a field with SmartField to accept only numbers, letters, dates or whatever. You can restrict input to a certain range of values, have a field automatically convert lowercase input to uppercase or vice versa, and validate the user's input in a dizzying number of different ways...

We like SmartFieldPalette a lot. It gives the developer a powerful and flexible way for adding data validation to a program without having to write a line of code.

Detailed documentation is included with the software.

System Requirements

SmartFieldPalette runs under NEXTSTEP 3.3 for NeXT, Intel, HPPA, and Sparc.


$499 for a single user floating license.
All prices are U.S. prices only and are subject to change without notice.

Purchasing a single user floating license allows one user at a time to use SmartFieldPalette over a network. There are no run-time fees for applications developed using these objects. Educational institutions receive a 50% discount. Contact Objective Technologies Inc. for site license information.

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