ChooserPalette(TM) is a selection list manager. It provides a simple way to display lists and allow users to make selections from them. With it, most list handling tasks can be accomplisthed from Interface Builder. By removing list management tasks from the application logic, you can dramatically reduce development time.

ChooserPalette Features

Choosers provide an easy way to display lists and allow users to make selections from that list. The OTChooser object is a control that displays its selection list as a reorderable matrix of OTChooserCells in a scrollable region with an optional title. Clicks in the selection matrix cause the cell where the click occurred to be selected. Users of NeXT applications have seen examples of this kind of control in applications like Mail and Digital Librarian. The OTChooserCell matrix can be configured for single or multiple cell selection. The OTChooser also provides support for dragging icons out of the selection list.

The OTChooser is a control, implementing the target/action paradigm in response to user or programmatic input. The OTChooser implements the standard list functions including ªnextº and ªpreviousº for moving through the cells, and ªdeleteº for removing entries.

What others say about ChooserPalette

ChooserPalette was reviewed in the March 1992 issue of NeXTWatch. The following is an excerpt of that review:

This object [ChooserPalette] is well-thought-out and very useful. Almost any application requires the user to have to select a choice from a list of options. ChooserPalette offers a simple way of doing that.... ChooserPalette is highly recommended for companies that do a lot of in-house production and need to roll applications out the door as fast as they can. Like all of the other palettes from Objective Technologies, ChooserPalette is well-written and easy to use, and comes with excellent documentation and sample code.

Detailed documentation is included with the software.

System Requirements

ChooserPalette runs under NEXTSTEP 3.3 for NeXT, Intel, HPPA, and Sparc.


$249 for a single user floating license.
All prices are U.S. prices only and are subject to change without notice.

Purchasing a single user floating license allows one user at a time to use ChooserPalette over a network. There are no run-time fees for applications developed using these objects. Educational institutions receive a 50% discount. Contact Objective Technologies Inc. for site license information.

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