The GraphPalette(TM) allows you to supply fully interactive graphs within your application by simply dragging objects from its palette. The GraphPalette is a collection of objects which graph virtually any type of multiple range two-dimensional data.

GraphPalette Features

Three graphical objects are provided on the GraphPalette: the OTGraph is responsible for all graphing; the OTLegend is responsible for the graph's key; the OTDMPump allows you to quickly test the insertion of data in an OTGraph within InterfaceBuilder. Also provided with the palette is the OTDataMngr object, a representation of multiple range two-dimensional data with support for labels and titles.

In addition to these main objects, the GraphPalette comes with 16 support objects. Many of these support objects are custom graph types which the OTGraph may use to plot the data. The GraphPalette provides many graph types to choose from including line, marked line, scatter, high-low, and bar graphs. In addition, a candlestick graph is provided in source form as an example. You may create your own custom graph types by subclassing one object and writing some simple Postscript drawing commands.

What others say about GraphPalette

GraphPalette was reviewed in the June/July 93' issue of NeXTWORLD. The palette was awarded a four cubes rating. The following is an excerpt from that review.

GraphPalette is a powerful collection of objects for graphing almost any kind of data. Without having to write a single line of code, you can build an application to graph, for example, the price of two stocks over a six month period. GraphPalette automatically scales itself, draws labels and axes, and attractively displays your data as a bar, grid, high-low, line or scatter pot. Special methods exist for displaying information from real-time feeds.

Having spent days writing my own graphing routines, I was impressed by the quality and range of graphs. The inclusion of 3-D and pie-chart graph types would make this a perfect palette.

Detailed documentation is included with the software.

System Requirements

GraphPalette runs under NEXTSTEP 3.3 for NeXT, Intel, HPPA, and Sparc.


$995 for a single user floating license.
All prices are U.S. prices only and are subject to change without notice.

Purchasing a single user floating license allows one user at a time to use GraphPalette over a network. There are no run-time fees for applications developed using these objects. Educational institutions receive a 50% discount. Contact Objective Technologies Inc. for site license information.

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