Impress(TM) is a revolutionary report-writer which brings the power of desktop publishing to report-writing. It supplies free-form layout with graphical data access and mathematical calculations, all with no programming necessary.

Impress lets users easily retrieve, analyze and present data from relational databases. What sets Impress apart from other report-writers is this: it is both easy enough to use for a standard user, and flexible enough to accommodate every type of report. This is a major departure from standard report-writers which are either so inflexible that they handle only a very limited variety of reports, or are so complex that they require a programmer in order to produce a report.

Impress is able to deliver both ease of use and flexibility because it provides a small set of general concepts which solve a large range of needs. These paradigms are quickly mastered and their wide application makes them suitable to users of all levels of expertise. Impress' features are accessed by such well-known metaphors as dragging-and-dropping, and palettes of elements. An object-oriented scripting language performs calculations and fills the elements with data. Using these simple but Impressive tools, a user can create all kinds of reports. These include, but are not limited to: payroll reports, phone lists, labels, form letters, books which have a standard format but include data which changes frequently, reference materials and corporate annual reports.

Impress Features

These are some of the features which set Impress apart from every other report writer:

Favorable Reactions to Impress

Ron Weissman, Ex-Director of Corporate Marketing for NeXT, Inc. commented, "We are extremely excited about Impress. It provides a tremendous value for NEXTSTEP users. Reporting requirements have been a big item on our clients wish list and Impress immediately fills that void. Impress will save developers and end-users countless hours in this increasingly complicated data-driven world."

System Requirements

Impress runs under NEXTSTEP 3.3 for NeXT, Intel, HPPA, and Sparc.


$850 for a single user floating license.
All prices are U.S. prices only and are subject to change without notice.

Purchasing a single user floating license allows one user at a time to use Impress over a network. Educational institutions receive a 50% discount. Contact Objective Technologies Inc. for site license information.

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