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There doesn't appear to be a specific method to find the range of a specific line in the current foundation (OS4.2). However, the following category method of NSString should accomplish the desired results. Note, this has only been tested on OS4.2 for Mach.
#define INRANGE(a,b) (a.location + a.length < b)
- (NSRange) rangeOfLine: (unsigned int) lineNumber
  NSRange lineRange;
  int lineCount, myLength;

  myLength = [self length];
  lineCount = 0;

  lineRange.location = 0;
  lineRange.length = 0;

  // find line
  lineRange = [self lineRangeForRange: lineRange];
  while((lineCount < lineNumber) && INRANGE(lineRange,myLength)){
    lineRange.location += lineRange.length;
    lineRange.length = 0;
    lineRange = [self lineRangeForRange: lineRange];

  // if still in range
    return lineRange;

  lineRange.location = NSNotFound;
  lineRange.length = 0;
  return lineRange;

As for finding the ranges of the lines intersecting a given line, run the example and select some text in the top scroll view. The ranges of the lines you are intersecting will appear in the bottom scroll view. To download the full example demonstrating these methods, download the LineRange Example.
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